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Circumcision is a procedure parents can choose to have for their baby during their first few days or weeks, but older kids can also benefit from having circumcisions. Jerome Pittman, MD, and his team at Gentle Circumcision in Culver City, California, specialize in performing circumcisions on older children and adults, which can be a more complex procedure than it is for an infant. Call Gentle Circumcision to find out more or book an appointment online today.

Circumcision for Kids Q & A

What is circumcision for kids?

Circumcision for kids is a specialty at Gentle Circumcision. The most popular time for circumcision is soon after birth or in the first few weeks of life. However, not all babies undergo circumcision at that time for various reasons.

Dr. Pittman has exceptional skills in performing circumcisions on kids of all ages. He carries out circumcision for kids in one of two ways: sleeve resection or Plastibell.

What is sleeve resection?

Sleeve resection is the most common method of circumcision in kids, especially older children. The procedure requires either a regional nerve block, which is an anesthetic that numbs the groin area, or a general anesthetic.

Dr. Pittman makes two cuts side by side on the shaft of the penis, in the shape of a ring. He removes the skin between the cuts and sews the two edges together. The stitches he uses dissolve into the skin over time, so they don’t need removing.

Sleeve resection takes around 30 minutes, and the healing time is about three weeks. Your child can usually return to school within 3-5 days.

What is Plastibell?

Plastibell is the method used in baby circumcision and for older infants and toddlers. If your child is small enough, Dr. Pittman can use Plastibell instead of sleeve resection.

The Plastibell is a bell-shaped transparent plastic circumcision device with a handle on one end. There are sizes to suit children from newborn up to toddler age. To carry out the circumcision, Dr. Pittman places the bell over your child’s glans to protect it and pulls the foreskin over the outside of the bell. He can then tie off the unwanted portion of the foreskin and remove it.

The Plastibell procedure takes 5-10 minutes. In older children, healing takes up to three weeks.

How is pain managed when circumcising kids?

Circumcisions can be painful without anesthetics. In children, Dr. Pittman uses oral, injectable, or inhaled anesthesia to keep your child comfortable during their circumcision.

When possible, Dr. Pittman avoids using general anesthetics as they carry higher risks. A nerve block containing local anesthesia is usually best when performing circumcision for kids. Dr. Pittman injects anesthetic medication that numbs the feeling in your child’s groin by blocking the pain signals from reaching your child’s brain.

If your child has any pain after their circumcision, you can use over-the-counter pain medicines that are appropriate for the age of your child.

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