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Highly recommend Gentle Circumcision

“Gentle circumcision was recommended by our by our pediatrician, and we had a wonderful experience at this place. We took our 2 weeks old son to be circumcised. The procedure went fast and smooth. The doctor and the staff are extremely professional and comforting. The prices are fare and reasonable. We would highly recommend Gentle Circumcision to all those who are not sure where to go for circumcision.

My family feels that Dr. Jerome S. Pittman is amazing, my sister in law says that coming into the office is very peaceful. I would recommend this Gentle Circumcision to anyone who comes my way. Thank you the staff for making me and my family feel a comfortable with bring my son in to their business.”


My son healed well and the prices are the best in town

“By far a great experience for me being a dad with sole parental and legal custody of my 4 month old son. The nurses are professional and very helpful they walk u thru the whole procedures, and even take u thru step by step on med dose and important things while going thru each week of healing. The doctor is the best at what he do my son healed well and the prices are the best in town.”


I’d definitely recommend bringing your kids here 10 out of 10 times

“I brought my son in at 1 month old and the experience was very pleasant. He is on oxygen so we had to get approval from the doctor but after we got clearance it was all good. The process was quick and simple the doctor and the nurses were very helpful and informative. I'd definitely recommend bringing your kids here 10 out of 10 times.”


I was well informed. The customer service was exceptional.

"My experience at Gentle Circumcision: I was very nervous in the beginning , but the staff made me very comfortable. They were very warm, pleasant and professional. I was well informed. The customer service was exceptional."

I would definitely recommend this place to everyone I know

"I had my son Isaiah Williams Circumcisions done here on September 2 , 2015 and let me just start by saying how the staff were very professional and extremely nice . Nurse Cindy who was Isaiah’s nurse was very informative about the whole procedure and the after care , as a first time mom she mad me feel very comfortable with being able to handle the task once we returned home. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone I know . I also found them to be the most affordable place around me only charging $175 while my primary care doctor wanted $400 , what a steal.”

Mi gratitud por su tan excelente atención a mi familia entera

"Hola, deseo hacer conocer a Gentle Circumsicion mi gratitud por su tan excelente atención a mi familia entera, en verdad, fueron y son fenomenales, desde el cuerpo de enfermeras hasta el doctor, me explicaron paso a paso hasta el más minimo detalle del procedimiento durante, y despues de la circunsición. Su amabilidad, es de lo mejor que antes jamás he tenido.
Muchas gracias Gentle Circumsicion.."

They are the best at what they do!

“Nothing to worry about mothers. This place is the perfect place to get your son’s procedure done.They are pretty quick And to mention the staff is awesome and the environment is clean and comfortable. Dr. Pittman Is very hands-on and knowledgeable about what he is doing. They are reasonable with their pricing and I would recommend anyone to this place (which I have already and they came) because they are the best at what they do!"

If you want your child to be circumcised, this is the place to go

"Brought my 2 boys (11 and 13) to be circumcised earlier this month. The day of the circumcision, you need to buy the medicines from the pharmacy on the ground floor before you go to the doctor’s office. This way you go straight home after the procedure since your baby/kid will be cranky and groggy. Procedure went well. My boys had a little pain but we were able to manage it by following the after care plan given to us. They did not scream like what that other mom mentioned in earlier reviews. Dr. Pittman is great. Certainly knows what he is doing. Staff (Cindy, Anais, Claudia & Jessie) are all knowledgeable and explained everything that will happen during the procedure as well as aftercare treatment. It amazed me how quick the recovery was for my boys. If you want your child to be circumcised, this is the place to go."

Bottom line- I would recommend Dr. Pittman to my friends

"First and foremost, if you are feeling nervous, go to the office's website gentlecircumcision.com it was very informative and extensive. I appreciate the amount of info on the site, it shows that the staff worked hard to make sure the patients and parents are well-informed. Admittedly, having been armed with information helped me feel more confident about the procedure.

I brought my 2-week old to Dr. Pittman's office. I was referred to the office by my pediatrician, Dr. Julie Douglass in Torrance. Dr. Pittman and his staff were extraordinarily professional and even more reassuring and helpful.

The office is well maintained with three exam rooms, a restroom, front waiting area and a back waiting room where you will wait to receive your baby when the procedure is done.

Scheduling an appointment was very easy. Have a debit card ready to pay the $20 reservation fee because the appointments fill up quickly. (Read and then re-read again the "Preparing your baby for his circumcision day" online, your son will thank you for it.

The check in process was very straight forward. Save time with forms by printing them out and completing at home before your appointment. We were handed a lovely folder with aftercare instructions and a card with our next appointment in center view!

Cindy exuded very strong confidence in her abilities and showed great care for my baby.
Dr. Pittman will go over the procedure in detail before the surgery. I had a lot of questions and every one of them were answered, I didn't even need to ask.

The procedure only took about 15 minutes. Reed didn't cry whatsoever during the injection of lidocaine (which would be the most painful part) but I did hear him cry a bit during the procedure (due to discomfort of being restrained, or perhaps because he just needed to burp, which he did when Cindy picked him up)

He was brought to me right after the procedure, no crying or signs of discomfort.

We were given aftercare instructions (tip, pick up medication before procedure if you wish, as I anticipated Reed to be fussy after the ordeal, it saved me the time having to wait in line with a crying baby)-- if insurance doesn't cover cost of supplies, it will run $17.50-- you will receive an oral acetaminophen and an ointment to apply topically to the area)

The procedure was very straightforward and we were out the door in an hour from start to finish.

I enjoyed the calm music playing in the office and the friendly office staff. They treated Reed as if he was their own son Currently, baby is happily sleeping!

Bottom line- I would recommend Dr. Pittman to my friends (one of which has a baby due in January!) Cheers!"

I would definitely recommend this place. Five stars!

"Ok, so I don't really know about these bad reviews and not sure about the pediatrician but my experience was pleasant. The girls are really nice and made me feel comfortable. And let me just say that it's more painful to get a tooth pulled than go thru this procedure. The only painful part of the whole surgery is when I got the needle to numb my d**k. After that it was just small talk with the surgeon, killing time while he cut away with out me feeling a thing. I would definitely recommend this place. Five stars!"

I know now in my heart we made the right decision

"I hope this review can help other moms and dads out there. My first visit to the office with my baby was draining, not because of the office, but because my baby boy was too chubby down there to have the procedure done. We had to wait until after he turned one. In my mind at that moment I decided he would never get it done because it will be to traumatic. After my husband explained to me how embarrassing it will be for him in school to look so different, when he meets a girl, and just the personal hygiene, we decided it was best to have it done. So when he was almost 2 years old we took him it. The doctor explained the procedure and one nurse who I will never forget... Cindy. She is an angel, she made my little guy feel so safe when they took him from us. And when it was done she stayed in the room with us to explain after care and to just calm him down. The drive home was horrible, he was scared, a little loopy from the medicine, and just uncomfortable. When we made it home he was back to his happy self, playing outside with his brothers and sister. I know now in my heart we made the right decision, his parts look like the rest of the boys in the family. And with NO complications what can I be mad at."

Mommy don’t be afraid this is the best place and procedure you can do for your baby

"Mommies have no fear this is the best and safest place to bring your baby to be circumcised. I brought my 2 week old son and the staff is so nurturing and the doctor is a professional at the procedure. I also brought in my 1 month old nephew and both look and did amazing. Cindy and staff make you feel comfortable welcome and clearly walk you through the entire process from start to end to following up with you and your baby. I really enjoy the doctor physically showing the steps of the procedure before it's done. Mommy don't be afraid this is the best place and procedure you can do for your baby."

I give this place a two thumbs up!

"First time going here, friendly staff, they were very specific in there after home care instructions. I found this place by searching online, no one recommended me! My son was crying of course but they did everything to calm him down and the result are great no problem here! The price was affordable ! I give this place a two thumbs up!"

Continue doing the great job you are doing!!

"I am here today writing about my entire experience with my circumcision procedure. So I looked online and compared where I would like to go and get my procedure done for months and I finally decided to come to Gentle Circumcision.

My choice was the right one. I confirmed that it was because of the way the receptionist handled the phone call. She was very sweet, very informative and not to say very comforting. She built my confidence and allowed the fear in me to disappear .... THANKS

So I made my appointment and went in to the office to actually get the procedure completed. Not knowing what to expect, I was well received by the staff. Everyone was so kind and courteous. I was escorted to the room, all nervous and then ......

I got ready according to the sweet nurses instructions and waited for the doctor to come in. When the doctor came into the room, he was very polite, thorough and was very much sure about all that he was telling me about what he was about to do.

After chatting with him for a few minutes, he injected me and all I felt was a pinch. The rest of the operation I didn't feel no pain. All nervous still, he was explaining most of what he was doing and before I knew it he was bandaging me up and sending me home..... GREAT JOB DOC

So I went home to start the healing process. He gave me some antibiotics and some pain killers to drink for seven days. The healing is a very uncomfortable process, but was expected as the doctor explained. On the third day I removed the bandage and almost fainted at the sight of my penis. Ignoring all the days and nights went by before u knew it I was back to the doctors office for my check up.

I was well received by the receptionist and the other staff members and a I was escorted to the room to where I was going to be examined. The doctor came in asked me a few questions and told me that I was healing good and that I had no infections. He gave me the green light to resume having my cocktails and going to the gym and all that good stuff. Again I was impressed with the doctor's patience and good energy.

I left his office that day and went home to continue heal. A month later and my sutures came out on their own and the healing continues. It will actually take me 8 weeks to heal fully. Patience and perseverance is the name of the game as it is uncomfortable and really requires time to heal.

Overall I must say that I am very pleased with the outcome of my procedure. I must say THANK YOU!! to the staff of Gentle Circumcision. Continue doing the great job you are doing!! For the price I paid I am 100% satisfied. I must also say that I was very happy that they worked around my schedule to make my appointments possible.

I will definitely recommend this place to anyone who wishes to get this procedure done.."

Nicely Done! A+++

"My son was initially referred to a urologist by our local pediatrician because he was unable to be circumcised at birth. Now that he was older, it was time. Unfortunately, general anesthesia is often used during circumcisions that are done on older children. This is usually due to parent requests, surgeon comfort level, and lack of a special team of people who handle small children on a daily basis. As an anesthesia provider myself, I feel this is an unnecessary step that only adds risk to the patient. The risk of aspiration, airway management, and adverse drug reactions could be far more severe than the risk of the surgery itself.

Circumcisions can be easily performed under a local anesthetic, and the technique to provide the local anesthetic is relatively safe, easy and effective, and can be done with about the same amount of discomfort as getting a vaccination. The sedative given prior to the procedure, along with the supportiveness of the staff, help make the pain of injection very tolerable. This is why I sought out a place that performed circumcisions under local anesthesia. "Gentle Circumcision" not only fit the profile, but they provide hundreds, if not thousands, of circumcisions a year. I wanted a surgeon and a location that specialized!!!

The biggest challenge is the child/doctor dynamic. Most children do not like doctors, and therefore cry and get upset even at the sight of a physician. This does not mean that they are hurting, it only means they are fearful. The team and Surgeon at Gentle Circumcision know how to handle kids, and these fears. My son was very scared and wouldn't even let the doctor examine him. Cindy, one of the Gentle Circumcision Team, immediately recognized this and was extremely helpful with my son. She treated him like he was a person and not just a number. The special attention was noted, and my son commented later how she allowed him to watch cartoons on Netflix while he was having his circumcision. Cindy continually updated me while I was in the waiting room on his progress. That was also a nice touch, as I can say that I was probably just as nervous as my son!

So there you have it. It can be hard to get a feel of a place from online comments and forums. I can be honest and say that I was skeptical reading some of the comments posted by others. I can only hope that my posting will help clarify uncertainties and calm fears. Gentle circumcision and the staff there get my deepest appreciation. Thank you!!!"


I would gladly refer to friends, family and other

"After being referred to Dr. Pittman’s office, I immediately became grateful & appreciative to have met such kind office staff. During and after my sons procedure, Dr. Pittman exemplified a caring and knowledgeable expertise in our procedure. We thank you all, the staff and doctor for greeting and treating us with the utmost respect. I would gladly refer to friends, family and other."

Alondra Shields

They were awesome!

They were awesome! I took my 3week old in for the procedure, I must admit I was somewhat nervous being a new mom, and after seeing a few of the reviews. I was quite pleased with the service we received , the atmosphere was calming. They treated us with great respect and were very informative. Cindy was awesome as well as the rest of the staff. I would definitely recommend Gentle Circumcision to anyone looking to have this procedure done.

Kai Santel & son

The doctor has tons of experience and it shows!!

"Here I am about 3 hours removed from my procedure at the Culver City office. I am an adult male, 30 years old who recently decided that today was the day. The staff is very friendly and the doctor does a great job of communicating exactly what he's about to do before he does it.

The procedure is 99.95% painless with some minor sensation, but nothing that you can't deal with. We actually talked through the whole thing. The procedure lasts about 30 minutes from start to finish.

For any adults out there on the fence about going through with this, I'd recommend this office. The doctor has tons of experience and it shows!!"


They actually looked out for my baby’s health

"My son had an appointment at 2 weeks to have his circumcision done, when I went to that appointment they let me know that they wouldn't do the procedure on him due to the fact that he had what is called a "hidden penis." I had no idea what that was but the doctor was nice enough to explain and show me why they wouldn't do the circumcision on him at this point. When I got home I googled just like any other mother and found so many horror stories of parents who's doctors had still performed circumcisions on "hidden penises" and I'm so glad and relieved that instead of them just going in like any other office would they actually looked out for my baby's health and refused to do it until he is ready. Thank you gentle circumcision!"


The receptionist was very thorough with her information

"I wanted to make sure I waited long enough to give a thorough review about my overall experience, its been 3 weeks from the time I took my then 1 month old baby in for surgery. The Hospital was asking $500 which we didnt have although they offered a 2 payment option at the time so we waited, after taking him to his pediatrician I was referred to this place,. I called in and scheduled a consultation, the receptionist was very thorough with her information but just in case here is what you will need:

1. baby's Birth Certificate or Temp. B.C. you get from Hospital ( baby father's name must be on this document )
2. Father's ID, DL or passport
3. Pediatrician Name, address and phone number ( I recommend you take a business card of your pediatrician if you have one to speed up paper work process )
4. Baby's Insurance or Medical card.
5. $8 for parking the first time, around $6 on follow up

Rates vary so you should call to get more details, ours was $150 if we scheduled it before he turned 1 month old which we did and this is very absurd, not sure why but when I was prepared to pay I handed out the receptionist $160 cash and she said it had to be exact payment so I had to go down and get change so be sure to bring in EXACT amount if you don't wanna make unnecessary trips!

So before going in I read some of the reviews here on Yelp and was somewhat worried but I decided to go through with it since we had it schedule and most of the negative reviews were based mainly on the staff etc. not so much on the Doctor himself or the results. We arrived at the location and started out smooth after a long 405 commute! the main entrance to the clinic is actually on DELMAS TERRACE, they right away told us where to park, took our car key and opened the door for us towards a hallway inside where you take the elevator. Got to the 6th floor found the Dr. office and within 15-20 minutes they took us inside where a nurse and Doctor quickly explained what the process consisted of and they don't tell you this until you arrive there but PLEASE be prepared and take the following with you:

1. Baby Bottle ( if your baby likes his milk lukewarm make sure its ready and inside a thermo or bottle already, you wont have much time to prepare it there on the sport )
2. Pacifier
3. baby towel ( it gets very cold in there )
4. Extra diapers and wipes just in case!

Now it is true what many of the reviews stated here, the place is very small and you can hear baby's crying in the next room which is very nerve wrecking, there is no possible way to avoid that so if you cant take that or hear your baby cry from far away and feel hopeless maybe this is not the place for you or I seriously recommend you take headphones with you and listen to music while you're in there, it does not take long at all, our baby was back within about 10 mins. He was in some discomfort as it is expected but the bottle helped a bit. After that they send you on your way really quick, tell you to go to down stairs to the pharmacy to get his medication BUT in all honesty PLEASE do this before you walk into the consultation surgery, Trust me your baby will thank you for that! we didn't know we could and there is nothing worst and more uncomfortable than going down and waiting 10 minutes for the prescription maybe longer while you have a very uncomfortable baby! so give yourself plenty of time when you arrive so you can do this BEFORE and NOT after surgery, the last thing you wanna do is stand around or in line with a crying hurting baby while you wait for his medication.

As soon as you get to the pharmacy they already know what your baby will need, all you say is you need stuff for baby circumcision, its basically ( infant Tylenol and the Ointment. ) Insurance card is accepted or Medical card but if you dont have one its not too much but have $ ready.

Doctor said to give first Tylenol dose an hr after surgery but we decided to do it Immediately after surgery, it was still a 30 minute drive home and it normally takes about that for the medication to kick in. I was told the ring would fall off by itself but when we went in for follow up it was still on and they broke it off, I could tell he was in pain & not very happy about that but overall he healed very well & within that 2 week time frame, only had maybe 2 nights where he had a hard time sleeping, 1 night he woke up very swollen! we took him to pediatrician & he gave us stronger ointment, when I brought this up to Dr. he said it was normal & I just panicked but he didn't see what it looked like! it was almost mini balloon size, very scary so clean his area thoroughly so this does not happen to you! I would have given this place a 4 star rating if it wasn't for those small details they left out, they also don't tell you if local anesthetic is administered via a shot or cream so ASK questions if you're not sure! hope this helps in your final decision and most important ur baby get through this as smooth as possible!"


The staff were so helpful & kind

"Took my 3 week old son three weeks ago for his circumcision to the LA facility. The staff were so helpful & kind. Dr Pitman was kind, professional & answered all my questions. My hospital wanted $500. Two pediatricians wanted $250 & $265. My daughters pediatricians office referred us here where I only paid $150. The pricing is broken down on their website as it varies in age."


The doctor has the absolute greatest bedside manner

"This place is incredible. The doctor has the absolute greatest bedside manner. He makes you feel extremely comfortable when having to leave your baby with him. My baby had his circumcision when he was born and they botched it. In any case, Dr. Pittman performed a revision surgery and had to clean up someone else's mess. He walks you through the whole process. He informs you of pros and cons. Full transparency. He did a fantastic job!! And the girls who work there are all wonderful, friendly, sweet and caring. As hard as it is to leave your baby, it is made easier knowing he is such great hands. I can see why they call this place "Gentle" Circumcision. Everyone has a calm and gentle demeanor. I highly recommend this place!! I wish I would have come here first. Their prices are unbeatable, their service unmatched, and their office is beautiful."


Live up to their name of delivering gentle care

"Very pleased over all. The staff, nurses and Dr. Pittman were professionals and live up to their name of delivering gentle care to their patients and families. Me and my family traveled from Canada to go do this procedure in this clinic and they definitely did not disappoint. I have another son and am looking forward to the same experience in the future."


Very pleased with the customer service!

"Very pleased with the customer service! And procedure I recommend this place for anyone wanting a circumcision!"


Dr. Pittman and his staff are marvelous

"Went to the Los Angeles location today to get my 4day old circumcised. I'm a new mom, so you can imagine how nervous and scared I was to be handing my precious little bug over to the staff to have his procedure done. Dr. Pittman and his staff are marvelous, sweet, and beyond comforting and understanding. They took the utmost care of baby Carlen and made sure I knew everything that was going on with my little guy. He slept thru the entire procedure, he was a little uncomfortable on the way home (which they advised me he would be), and as soon as we got home, he was comfortable and sleep. We go back in 10 days for a check up and I couldn't be more satisfied with the care my son received."


The ladies (staff) and Dr. Pittman were wonderful

"I'm three weeks out of surgery with my 2 year old son. Upon making my appointment I was told what to bring for him and that I would have a consultation before anything was done. They had me go down stairs to the pharmacy first. Once I got the meds my consultation began. I asked all the questions I could think of because of my son being much older than most of the boys that were in there. They answered every question along with the surgery questions. I was also told because of my sons age they would have to be restrained because he would not lay still. Yes, you do hear baby's crying and yes, I heard my own son, but that was because he was restrain, which he does not like period. Once the surgery was complete within 20 minutes, my son was brought back to me and at that time he was not crying.

Now, as far as the aftercare it was great. It work so well that my son was putting his ointment on himself.

And my last visit, which was today, was great, the ladies (staff) and Dr. Pittman were wonderful. I thank them for making my son experience a good one and not a traumatizing one. Thanks Gentle Circumcision."


He was kind and knowledgeable

"We went to see Dr. Pittman for a consultation. I did not want to circumcise our son and my husband was on the fence. He fit us in the same week I called. Spent all the time we needed. Performed a physical exam on our son to weed out the possibility that there was any possible medical abnormality necessitating a circumcision and answered a whole list of questions we had for him. We decided not to circumcise our son but if we ever do we will go to him. I saw a 17 year old boy walk out of his office showing no signs of pain after having just been circumcised. Hopefully my son will never want or need to be circumcised but if he does we know there is someone we can trust to perform the procedure. He was kind and knowledgeable."


The best circumcision and the most affordable price

"My grandson (Prince Devin Armanii) was born premature and we were instructed to wait before having him circumcised, however, the Doctor failed to inform us that after one month it would be almost impossible to find someone to perform the circumcision under $1,000.00. I made numerous phone calls to different Doctor offices, only to be told the price would range from $1,000.00 to $2,500.00. How stressful these quotes were. I began a web search for affordable or low-cost circumcision and came upon Gentle Circumcision. Gentle Circumcision is every bit of its name, from the staff (Maggie) who answers the phone, to the Nurse (La'Kia) who assists Dr. Pittman with medical procedures, to Dr. Pittman himself, the procedure was affordable and quick. Prince Devin was circumcised at 9 months and all went great!! He did not have any major complications (fever, infections or bleeding). He has healed wonderfully and doesn't show any signs of remembering the procedure. Anyone needing their child or grandson circumcised, I recommend Dr. Pittman hands down. Not only is he reasonable (my cost $350.00), he also explains all procedures and answers any questions you may have with care and concern. Dr. Pittman and his staff made me so comfortable and they took the time to make sure I knew every step of the procedure and expectations after it was all done. For everything, I would like to "thank" Gentle Circumcisions for being an office of professionals. Again, for the best circumcision and the most affordable price for any age boy....please do not hesitate to give Dr. Pittman and his staff a call. Gentle Circumcision is a five-star rated office. Thank you Dr. Pittman, I am one proud grandmother of a perfect little circumcised grandson."


Our experience here was wonderful

"Our experience here was wonderful, very friendly and helpful staff that answered all of our questions. I would highly recommend this place to friends and family."

Robert's mom

Everything went great and exceeded our expectations!

"First to say, the staff is amazing! Very reassuring and helpful! Dr. Pittman is awesome at explaining everything in detail, gives great reasoning. The office is pleasant, no waiting longer than expected, they’ve very punctual and extremely professional. I’m grateful and we are blessed everything went great and exceeded our expectations! Very Pleased!

Thank you Gentle Circumcision!!!"

Malachai’s mom

Everything was great!

"Everything was great! The nurses and doctor were amazing."

Noah’s mom

Everyone was very nice and helpful

"We had an excellent experience. Everyone was very nice and helpful."

Bradley's mom

The highest form of professionalism

"So to be very, very honest, I was quite skeptical on coming to this place after have had read the all the reviews. And what I really noticed was, everyone's complaining about their attitudes and not necessarily the service. So I decided to take my $1500 and go out on a limb and get it done because I wanted it.

With the receptionist:
The first of all the receptionist cute little Miss Cindy, is such a sweetheart and she also make sure that you understand exactly how the process works. She didn't seem very nasty nor rude. As a matter of fact I called 2 weeks in advance to schedule my appointment in between then and now (I got the procedure done earlier today 12/19/2014). I had called about twice for information and to my surprise my call was always connected each and every time. She answered every questions with the highest form of professionalism.

With the surgeon and the nurse:
Oh hell this is where things get really intense, so you can just imagine I'm a 22 year old man about to get my penis cut on, so you can only imagine how nervous I am. So I met the nurse first, I forgot her name but she was really sweet and inviting. Now I typically I don't do well with women solely because I'm gay, however she made me very very comfortable. She went step by step while she prep me. And told me exactly how the procedure worked. And she shortly left the room and brought back in surgeon.

Meeting the surgeon:
So he comes in with the friendliest smiles, greeted me by my last name, and shock my hand. He started off by asking me what bought me to get the procedure done. I gave my answer and and again with a very warm smile he laughed and said alright man cool. He breaks off and explaining what we're going to do piece by piece he told me exactly how he was going to take off and what look we're going for. So I begin to become frantic because now it's time for me to lay back and take the injections. Now ladies and gentlemen I kid you not this is the only part of the procedure that hurts, if I had to measure the pain level on a scale of 1 to 10 it's about a 6. Lord have mercy to the lidocaine that they use,because I couldn't feel s***. It was so painless he started cutting on me before I realized what he was doing. As he chopped and hacked at my manhood, we had a long conversation about a lot of s*** & shared quite a few good laughs. I didn't really pay attention to the time, but I have to be laying on that table no more than 45 minutes... So after he revoked my turtleneck sweater badge, he begin to explain to me the aftercare and the meds that he was going to prescribe me. Again delivered the information with the highest form of professionalism....

I guess I can say my overall experience is this place is great. Only thing in bad is when that good ole lidocaine wear off you can feel it...after Ive completely heal I'll write another review again and tell you guys about the results and what it looks like."


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