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Congratulations on your adoption!


Whether you are going through your adoption process or theadoption has been finalized, you may still have your child circumcised.  It is never too late because our specialists at Gentle Circumcision perform circumcision procedures for all ages.

If the adoption has been finalized, all that is needed to schedule your appointment will be court documents or your child’s new birth certificate.  On your scheduled appointment day, you will be asked for either of these documents.


Is the adoption still pending? If so, please read the list below:

Foster care: Please request a letter from the judge stating that you have the Courts permission to have your foster child circumcised. The court document must state the child’s full name, your full name, case number, court information, a court seal and/or stamp, and the judges signature.

Out of the Country Adoption: In this case, we will need a letter sent directly from your Adoption Agency giving us permission to perform the circumcision. The adoption agency will assist you with this matter.

Out of the Country Adoption: In this case, we will need a letter directly from your Adoption Agency giving us permission to perform the circumcision. The adoption agency will have forms that they will provide you with for this case.


Adoption and Circumcision – My adoptive son made the choice and is Happy!

I am a single parent and adopted my son when he was 3 1/2 years old but have known him all his life – I was in the delivery room when he was born.  His birth mother was a childhood friend who ran into some bad situations and I’ll leave the story at that or I’ll have to write a novel.  When my son was 5 years old he started to express why he looked different than other boys.  I explained to him about circumcision and carefully chose my words to describe the procedure.  After the conversation, I felt he was not ready to undergo the procedure.  I knew if and when he was ready he would tell me.   In June 2017 at 8 years old he decided he wanted to be circumcised.  One day, unexpectedly, he asked me “When can I have circumcision”?  I admit I was shocked to hear the question and sat him down to discuss.  I support his decisions and I wanted to be sure he knew what he was asking for.  He let me know he understood what it was and no longer wanted to feel different. He knew he didn’t have to do it but wanted to do it.  He was aware of the good reasons why he wanted to be circumcised. I made sure he understood the procedure tactics as well as the pain that could be involved with recovery.  I spoke with his primary doctor and was referred to Dr. Pittman at Gentle Circumcision.  I made the appointment and a few weeks later he had the procedure.  He was so calm and confident on the day of procedure – there was no sense of nervousness at all.  He had minimal pain during the procedure and recovery – which was good.   He is now at 3 weeks recovery and is doing GREAT.  He is very happy he made this decision and is very happy with his result.  Dr. Pittman was absolutely amazing!!  He explained exactly what would be done and made sure my son and I understood the details.  Cindy and the girls on staff were very kind, knowledgeable and professional.  They are very caring and want to be sure you are comfortable.  I would highly recommend Dr. Pittman to friends and family!

– Kori and Eric

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