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The 411 on Adult Circumcision

When it comes to circumcision in adult males, every patient has his reasons for choosing to go through with the surgery.

Whether it’s for aesthetics, hygiene, disease prevention, or even a partner’s preferences, all these reasons can play a role in their decision. 

While there’s no doubt circumcision can be a much simpler procedure when it’s performed on newborns, adult circumcision is still a very safe procedure, if the provider you select is experienced in performing the procedure on adults as well as newborns and infants. 

Choose Surgeons with Experience in Adult Circumcision  

There are multitudes of doctors who have performed nearly hundreds of circumcisions on newborns.  

However, many of these doctors have limited experience when it comes to treating older males in their teen years and beyond.  

While the intended result of circumcision may be the same no matter the age, the method of achieving that result can vary dramatically as a male gets older.  

Having a surgeon with experience in performing circumcisions on adults is critical to a positive experience and successful results. 

Possible Risks of Adult Circumcision 

Although circumcision is generally a straightforward procedure, there are possible complications.

Many of which can be avoided with the right technique and careful preoperative evaluation of the patient’s anatomy. Of course, any surgical procedure has some risks, including risks associated with anesthesia use. 

Below is a quick review of some of the complications specifically associated with circumcision for teen and adult males. 


Curvature of the penis, typically occurring because of scar tissue formation 

Meatal Stenosis

Narrowing of the urethral opening, the “hole” that is used during urination and ejaculation 

Buried Penis

Condition where the shaft of the penis winds up “buried” beneath the skin in the pubic region 

Skin Bridge

An adhesion, or scar tissue, that forms between the glans, or “head” of the penis and the shaft. Often interfering with an erection, it can cause painful erections or result in curvature 


Fluid-filled lumps that often occur when the skin is rolled into the incision 

Infection and Necrosis (Tissue Death)

Often because of improper surgical or incision technique, sometimes arising because of a cyst 

Poor Cosmetic Result

Often occurring due to an incomplete understanding of the patient’s unique anatomy to apply the most appropriate techniques for the best result 

Gentle Circumcision Can Help! 

Being circumcised as an adult is never an easy decision. However, with the right surgeon and medical staff, the procedure can produce excellent results 

If you’re considering a circumcision, call us at (310) 559-8000 or schedule a consultation to learn all the ways we help our patients enjoy the best possible results! 

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