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3 Questions to Ask Your Circumcision Specialist

Choosing a healthcare provider is an extremely personal decision. Doctor-patient interactions are one of the most important relationships in a person’s life.

The healthcare professional should know what is best for you when it comes to health and the well being of patients in their specific specialty.

The relationship with your doctor should be thought of like a sports team—when you work together, you get better healthcare.

While circumcision can be a sensitive subject matter to bring up to your health care provider, it is important you have a doctor you trust and can bring up anything that may concern you.

1. Why Did You Become a Circumcision Specialist?

Whether for cosmetic or health reasons, each family or person that chooses to pursue circumcision has a unique motivation and health needs.

It is important to voice these motivations to the healthcare provider so you can see if you make a good team.

A good healthcare provider:

It is also important to make sure that all healthcare professionals and facilities are properly licensed and credentialed.

2. What Surgical Unit Do You Use?

Hospital surgical units are readily accessible for performing circumcisions soon after birth in the more traditional timeline.

But, if families or men are deciding to have a circumcision after a longer time following birth or at an even older age, it can be difficult to have access to the unit as they are in demand for a variety of procedures.

Children’s hospitals may not be set up or well equipped to perform circumcisions on older patients. Also, circumcision is not a routine procedure in a non-pediatric hospital due to the low demand for the procedure.

These issues create the need for a circumcision-specific clinic. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports the health benefits to circumcision outweigh the risks and recommend parents should be given all information so that they can decide what is best.

Families and potential patients can work with their primary care provider to be referred to a reputable circumcision clinic.

3. How Long Have You Been a Circumcision Specialist?

Circumcision clients can include newborn babies all the way up to adults, and a circumcision specific clinic helps provide an inclusive setting for all age ranges.

Gentle Circumcision is the most referred source in California for circumcisions for males and serving all age groups.

The clinic staff has more than 20 years of specialty experience, including over 15,000 procedures performed by the Cooperative of American Physicians – Mutual Protection Trust (CAP-MPT) physician members.

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Gentle Circumcision is the most affordable clinic experience with advanced pain management with local anesthesia included in the cost.

Consultations and procedures are performed in one visit to keep the cost low.

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