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Newborn to 1 Year

While the newborn period is the best time to perform a circumcision, circumcising older infants has presented a problem for most medical offices . Because MOST doctors are not able to perform circumcisions after 2 weeks of age, parents have had to wait until their baby reaches 1 year of age. Then they are told their baby has to be put to sleep to be circumcised. The cost can then increase to as much as $4,000 because of hospital and specialist fees. Circumcision DOES NOT require sleep anesthesia! We at Gentle Circumcision schedule over 800 circumcisions every year for older babies between 2 and 12 months of age. We provide pain control using local anesthesia. A numbing ointment may also be used, as well as other pain relief methods to keep your infant comfortable during, and after the circumcision.
The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes. However, you will be in the office for 30-40 minutes, which includes the time to complete necessary paperwork.

After the surgery, you are shown how to care for the circumcision and given printed aftercare instructions.

Healing time is approximately 10 days. You and your child will return to our office in 1 week for a follow-up visit.

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