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The 411 on Adult Circumcision

When it comes to circumcision in adult males, every patient has his reasons for choosing to go through with the surgery. Whether it’s for aesthetics, hygiene, disease prevention, or even a partner’s preferences, all these reasons can play a role in their decision.  While there’s no doubt circumcision can be a much simpler procedure when it’s performed on …

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Circumcision Revision

When is a Circumcision Revision Necessary?

So you or your son has undergone a previous circumcision. Have you noticed something might be wrong with the circumcision site, or maybe something just seems “off”?  The following are indications that a circumcision revision may be required. If you suspect any complications following your circumcision, no matter when it was performed, please contact your physician immediately as the …

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5 Reasons Why Newborns May Not Be Circumcised Immediately at Birth

Although statistics may vary by country, or even by certain regions of countries, newborn circumcision is still considered the most common newborn surgical procedure in the world.   However, there may be times where a newborn is not able to immediately undergo a circumcision procedure. Let’s look at the top five reasons below. 1. Baby is Born Prematurely  …

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Hidden Penis in Infants

For parents, having a baby with a hidden or “buried” penis can be upsetting, especially if it means delaying a planned-for circumcision. But in fact, buried penis is not uncommon, and in most cases, it will resolve on its own by the time the child reaches his first birthday. What causes buried penis? Sometimes called …

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Adult Circumcision Technique

Uncircumcised men are often curious about the prospect of adult circumcision. Although the idea of undergoing a circumcision procedure may be frightening at first, these procedures can be performed safely and comfortably in the proper setting. In addition, different methods of circumcision are available to meet the needs of virtually any uncircumcised man.  Circumcision vs. Uncircumcised: Which …

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What is a frenulum?

Frenulum is a medical term for a band of connective tissue that connects one anatomical structure, or part of a structure, to another. You have a frenulum at the base of your tongue that attaches your tongue to the bottom or your mouth; you have another one above your top row of teeth that connects your upper lip …

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Uncircumcised: Frequently asked Questions

   What Is a Circumcision? A circumcision is the surgical removal of the male foreskin, which normally covers the tip of the penis. The surgery is most often performed in infancy, when tissues can heal more quickly as they grow and develop, but circumcision in teen and adult years is becoming more common. What Are …

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6 Myths of Adult Circumcision

  Can you get circumcised at any age? Yes, you can. However, this isn’t always an easy decision. Making the choice to undergo adult circumcision is complicated by the amount of misinformation floating around in society and online, which may incite fear or confusion.  If you are an uncircumcised adult considering circumcision, you need to …

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Circumcision: What do women prefer?

For many men, deciding whether or not to get circumcised can be influenced by many factors, not the least of which is where women stand when it comes to the circumcised vs. uncircumcised debate. It’s not surprising that for many men considering whether or not to become circumcised, the prevailing question often becomes: Do women …

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Circumcision in your teens? Lots of reasons to say “yes”

For many teen guys today, being uncircumcised can raise a lot of issues: Whether it’s “right” or not, many boys and men identify their penises with their sexuality and maleness; as a result, being uncircumcised can cause anxiety and feelings of self-consciousness that can be hard to shake off. Today, teen circumcision is on the …

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