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Adult Circumcision Technique

Uncircumcised men are often curious about the prospect of adult circumcision. Although the idea of undergoing a circumcision procedure may be frightening at first, these procedures can be performed safely and comfortably in the proper setting. In addition, different methods of circumcision are available to meet the needs of virtually any uncircumcised man. 

Circumcision vs. Uncircumcised: Which is Better?

Being circumcised or uncircumcised is a personal choice. For some men, remaining uncircumcised is preferable. However, many men choose to undergo adult circumcision because of the advantages of being circumcised, which include:

  • A lower risk of some sexually-transmitted diseases
  • A lower risk of penile cancer
  • Prevention of tight foreskin. 
  • A lower risk of urinary tract infection
  • A more socially-acceptable appearance.

Types of Circumcisions for Adults

There are different ways to circumcise an adult male. Each of these different circumcisions produces a different result. Types of circumcision vary with regard to their position and tightness. Methods of circumcision include:

  • High and tight circumcision – With a high and tight circumcision,  more of the foreskin is removed, producing a scar line that is closer to the middle of the shaft. The skin will also be tighter during an erection. 
  • Low and tight circumcision– With a low and tight circumcision, the scar line will be closer to the glans. However, as with a high and tight circumcision, the skin will be tighter during an erection. 
  • Low and loose circumcision– With a low and loose circumcision, the scar line will be closer to the glans, but less foreskin will be removed. This results in looser skin during an erection. 
  • High and loose circumcision– As with a low and loose circumcision, less foresRelated imagekin is removed during a high and tight circ. However, the circ scar will be further from the glans and closer to the middle of the shaft. 

If a man opts for a tight circumcision, it is important that the circumcision it not too tight. However, there is nothing wrong with being circumcised tight as long as it is comfortable. Alternatively, some men prefer to be loosely circumcised.

Regardless of the man’s preferences, it is important to note that each person’s individual anatomy will affect the outcome of the procedure. When determining how much to circumcise a man, doctors must take this anatomy into account. Prior to the procedure, the doctor will discuss this issue with the patient so that he has realistic expectations and can make the best choice. 

Learning More About Circumcision

If you are not circumcised and you want to know more about how to circumcise a man, Gentle Circumcision is happy to explain the surgery, show you pictures of different types of circumcision and help you decide on the best type of circumcision for you. Please call (310) 559-8000 today to schedule a consultation with Gentle Circumcision.