Newborn Circumcision


Parents choose circumcision for religious, cultural and personal reasons. Once your family has made the decision to circumcise your newborn baby, we at Gentle Circumcision…

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Older Babies Circumcision

Older Babies

Many newborns are not circumcised as newborns due to premature birth, breathing problems during delivery, no insurance coverage or simply…

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Kids Circumcision


Circumcision for kids poses no problem at Gentle Circumcision. Our specialists have been performing circumcisions in this age group for over 10 years, using local anesthesia and achieving 3 day recovery time…

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Teen Circumcision


The Center for Disease Control’s recent decision to recommend teen circumcision in order to reduce sexually transmitted disease, confirmed the Academy of Pediatrics previous findings…

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Adult Circumcision


Adult Circumcision has been shown to protect female partners from cervical cancer and certain infectious conditions. Furthermore, female preference for circumcised partners…

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Circumcision Repair


Poorly performed circumcisions can be repaired. Conditions include:

– Too much foreskin left behind
– Thick, unsightly scarring
– Skin bridges that join the inner head of penis to the inner foreskin

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